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How Much Does It Cost to Change a Commercial Lock?

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Because there are so many factors involved, the cost to change a commercial lock will vary. There will be a difference in price based on the actual locksmith hired for the job and the time when the work needs to be done. For instance, to change out a lock at night, on the weekends, or during holidays, the price is going to be higher than having the work done during normal daytime business hours.

Considerations for Cost to Change a Commercial Lock

Additional factors include the type of lock, any serious or unforeseen problems, the number of locks involved, whether the business is rural, and even the state in which the business is located. Therefore, prices quoted are considered “average estimates.” Of course, having a locksmith come to the business prior to doing the work would give you a chance to know most, if not all, costs upfront.

For a standard type of service that involves a single commercial lock being changed out, you can expect to pay between $65 and $200. If a commercial lock needs to be rekeyed, along with the minimum service charge there would be a price per cylinder of $10 to $35, again depending on manufacturer, model, and even condition. On the other hand, the cost to change a commercial lock completely will run about the same as far as the service fee, but the labor per lock would increase slightly.

Always remember that you have the right and responsibility to ask questions when hiring a locksmith. When searching for a qualified locksmith, always choose one that is licensed, insured, and bonded. You also want to choose a locksmith who preferably has several years in the industry specific to commercial jobs. More importantly, anyone being considered should have expertise for the exact type of lock being repaired or replaced.

Choosing a Qualified Locksmith

Keep in mind that the cost to change a commercial lock by someone with just a few years of experience will probably be less than someone with 20 or 30 years of experience. While this is not a hard and fast rule, it is certainly a consideration. In addition, just because a locksmith has been in the industry for decades does not automatically make that individual better than someone with just 5 years of experience. Therefore, instead of focusing on the number of years in the business, you will want to know about the locksmith’s qualifications and abilities.

Now, if the business has a high-security lock, the cost to change it will be higher. For example, when checking the average cost among numerous reputable locksmiths, changing a high-security lock runs between $160 and $280. For the most part, if there is just one lock that needs to be replaced, anticipate paying $200.

One of the best ways to keep the cost of changing a commercial lock down is with comparison shopping. It never hurts to contact several of the top-rated companies nearby. More than likely, you will find comparable service levels but varied prices.

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