What to Do After Losing Keys to Safe?

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Despite most people thinking of locksmiths as professionals who mostly deal with front doors and car locks, they actually offer a wider range of services. Many locksmiths will also work with safes, at least a reasonable range of them. Locksmiths can do everything from installing or uninstalling the safe to fixing a broken lock or even helping you get in when you accidentally lose the key or combination. You simply need to be sure that the locksmith you talk to has experience working with safes, but you can ask that over the phone before ever having to pay anything. Getting Replacement Keys what to do after losing keys to safe, you may actually be able to solve the problem by yourself. If you are absolutely sure that you have no idea where the key is and don’t need to enter the safe for a few weeks (or at least a few days), you may be able to get a replacement key from the manufacturer. Simply contact the safe manufacturer and request a duplicate key. At the minimum, it will require the model as well as serial number for the safe, both of which you can typically find close to the door hinge. Some safe manufacturers will also ask for a notarized letter that proves you own the safe. You should also expect to pay some sort of fee for the duplicate key. Opening the Safe If you need the items within the safe right away, you may be tempted to try to break into it. Keep in mind, however, that safes are designed to withstand abuse and attempted entry, so using something such as a hammer or crowbar is more likely to damage the objects in the safe or injure you than it is to successfully open the safe. If you happen to know how to pick a lock, that may be an option, although it is not always possible for top-of-the-line safes and requires knowledge and special tools. The best option if you need the safe’s contents soon is to talk to a locksmith who works with safes. He or she will have the tools and knowledge to pick the safe locks that can be picked. Drilling the Safe When dealing with a high-end safe, they typically include high-security locks that take a great deal of time and effort to pick. It also tends to be more expensive to pick this type of safe lock. As such, be prepared for a locksmith to need to drill your safe open if you have a higher-end model and can’t wait for a replacement key to arrive. Replacing the Lock Although it is not always possible, many safes do make it feasible to replace the lock if you have lost the key. In the case of drilling locks, for example, the locksmith will probably be able to replace it, either with the original (and provide you with a key) or a new lock, so you have keys. Locksmiths can also help open your safe even if it relies on a mechanical dial or electronic push button lock to which you have lost the...

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Is It Possible to Change the Locks on My Car?

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Your car is a very important investment, and as such, you want to be secure from intruders, whether they are looking to steal it or simply vandalize it. The good news is that you can change the locks on your car, and the process is actually fairly similar to the method used to change a door lock, although it does have its differences. Why Change the Locks There are many reasons someone would look to change the locks on their car. If, for example, the locks are damaged and won’t lock or unlock for some reason, it can be difficult to enter the car or impossible to lock it up, preventing you from leaving possessions inside. It is also possible that you lost your key or gave a key to someone whom you no longer trust. No matter the reason, it should be fairly easy and inexpensive to have the locks changed. If Car Key Has a Chip One thing to keep in mind when replacing your car locks is that most cars use the same key for the door locks and ignition lock cylinder. When you change just the car locks, you will need to keep two different keys on hand, unless you change the ignition lock cylinder as well. It is possible to do so, but that task is a bit more difficult. Changing the ignition lock and key will also usually be more expensive as well, as it requires a specialty key blank with a chip embedded in it. How to Change the Lock The specific steps for changing the lock on your car will vary slightly depending on your car, but the basics are the same. You will need to start by removing the end cam as well as inner spring, then placing any key in the lock tumbler, as this pushes the pins from the walls of the cylinder. At this point, you can take the inner lock tumbler out via the back. You will now need to install replacement tumbler pins, being sure to place them in the same order with every lock. Put the tumbler in the lock to test it. You want it to smoothly turn with your desired key. Finally, you can put the lock back into the car. Going to the Dealership If you want, you can have your locks changed at your car dealership. Keep in mind, however, that most dealerships will charge a great deal of money for this service, typically more than it is worth. Hiring a Locksmith An affordable option that will guarantee success is to hire a locksmith. As they don’t work for a national auto manufacturer, locksmiths don’t have to charge set prices that are exorbitant. They will be able to change your car locks in a fraction of the time you would and do so for significantly cheaper than a car dealership. Best of all, they are familiar with locks, including car locks, so they are unlikely to make any mistake while replacing it, something that would be a potential concern if you were to do it...

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Should You Hire a Locksmith to Rekey the Whole House or Buy New Locks?

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Whether you have recently moved into a new home or simply want to change the key used to access your house, a locksmith will be able to help you out. Two of the main options are to rekey your entire home and to buy new locks. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, making them ideal for different situations. If you are in doubt about which option is better in your case, you can always ask a locksmith for a professional opinion. The Difference Before you can start to consider whether to hire a locksmith to rekey the whole home or buy new locks, you need to understand the difference. When you buy new locks, you will be changing the entire locking mechanism and door handle for your doors. Rekeying, on the other hand, uses the existing hardware but changes the locking cylinders for new ones. Considering Cost Rekeying locks is always cheaper than purchasing entirely new locks. That is because rekeying only requires purchasing the cylinder itself, while the new lock will include the cylinder as well as each of the surrounding pieces. You may, however, be able to install a new lock by yourself if you are handy, and that can save you the cost of labor. Considering Time Generally speaking, it takes longer to change a lock than to rekey it. That is because the entire thing needs to be disassembled and a new one installed with the lock. As rekeying only involves changing the cylinder, however, it can be done much more quickly. When you hire a locksmith, however, either task could theoretically be completed in a matter of minutes, and you could do something else while the locksmith changes your lock. Considering Appearance In addition to the lower cost, one of the reasons many people tend to rekey their home instead of changing locks is because not all locks will be the same size. This can lead to an unpleasant appearance if you leave an unpainted area of the door exposed that had been previously covered by the lock. You would then have an eyesore until you had the time to paint the newly uncovered area of the door. Considering Age and Condition There are a few situations in which any locksmith will strongly suggest you purchase new locks instead of simply having them rekeyed, and this is most common for older locks. In some cases, it may be impossible to find a replacement lock cylinder for an older locking mechanism, or it may simply be worn out from age. A damaged lock should also be completely changed, as simply rekeying it may compromise your security. Always Hire a Locksmith Although it is possible to change your door locks yourself, it is best to hire a locksmith to do the task for you. Because the process only requires simple tools, many people attempt it themselves, but if the lock isn’t installed correctly, your door may not open or close. You should always hire a locksmith when rekeying, as that process is more complicated and requires special tools that you would not have at hand, and it could cost more than a locksmith’s services...

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How to Reprogram a Car Key

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  Long gone are the days when the only key you needed for your car was the traditional one in the style used to open most locks. These days, almost every car will come standard with a programmable, electronic car key, known as a key fob. This is the remote that you get with your car and can use to lock or unlock your doors or even open the trunk without using the key itself. Although it is simply a feature for convenience, most people have become used to these key fobs and will find it truly annoying to be without them. As such, it is a good idea to know how to reprogram your car key, whether for additional security or if something happens and it accidentally becomes unprogrammed. How Key Fobs Work Key fobs rely on radio wave signals to communicate with your car lock. The key fob and the car contain memory chips, and when you press the appropriate buttons on your key fob, this action transmits a code to your car and tells it which action to perform (opening the trunk, locking the doors, unlocking the doors, etc.). Every time you use the key fob, the code will be randomly generated, but you need to always have this car key programmed, or the car will not be able to recognize the code sent from it. Un programming Whenever you purchase a new car, your key should already be programmed, and you may be fine using this key without reprogramming it for the lifespan of your vehicle. Occasionally there will be an error with the key fob and it will somehow become unprogrammed. Certain key fobs also have certain designs that mean it will become unprogrammed if you do something, such as press the button too many times while your vehicle is out of range. In other cases, your key fob may be lost or destroyed, in which case you will need to purchase a new one and program it, or hire someone to do the job for you. Programming The specific steps to reprogramming a key fob will vary slightly between vehicles, but generally speaking, it is the same in all cases. Usually, you should program all of the key fobs at the same time, as not doing so may prevent those you don’t reprogram from working in the future. To program most car keys, put your key in the ignition, turning it to “on” without starting your engine. (Certain cars may require you to repeat this step). When your car enters the program mode, you will press whichever button on your car key must be programmed to sync it. You can then turn off your car and use the key fob in the future. Hire a Locksmith Many people find it straightforward to reprogram a car key themselves, but others are simply not confident enough to do so. In this case, you can easily hire a locksmith to do the job for you. Locksmiths generally charge significantly less than a dealership would and will be able to easily get the job done in minutes. As a bonus, they will be able to come to you instead of you having to take the car in to your dealership for the...

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